Increase sales and engagement by keeping customers in your mobile app.

Our white label chat and planning tools 
let customers collaborate, make decisions, and buy products without leaving your app.
Your Challenge

Most shoppers start product searches online. But they leave apps to find answers, communicate, and make decisions. The result: 75% of items abandoned in mobile shopping carts, sales conversion rates of 1%.

Our Solution

NaskMe keeps customers in your app, where they chat with each other, plan, engage with content, and buy. No leaving to text or search the web. Plus analytics help you understand your customers, who they shop with, and why.

The Benefits

Streamlined experiences that increase sales, engagement, and personalization. Improve the customer experience and gain new customer insights with our cost-effective solution that's easy to integrate.

Offer customers a streamlined

and personalized mobile 


And drive new revenue growth

with a cost-effective solution

that's easy to manage.

How it works

NaskMe integrates into your app from the cloud. You control what your customers see and how they experience it. Then your expert marketers use it to drive sales and engagement.

Simple integration

NaskMe integrates into your existing app with an API. You can design the UI, while our technology works in the cloud. Customers never leave your app to chat with each other, plan, engage with content, and make decisions and purchases.

Managed with an enterprise toolkit

NaskMe is cloud-based for speed and scalability. With our enterprise web portal, marketers can easily manage content and images or access our data analytics platform. NaskMe's recommendation engine can be customized at any time.

Marketer-directed content

Increase engagement by enabling your marketers to update in-app content with your latest strategies.

Shopper-to-shopper chat

Let your customers chat directly with one another, enabling faster purchase decisions and increased time in-app.

AI-powered personalization

Use NaskMe's recommendation engine to promote content related to shopper preferences.

Data analytics platform

Easily accèss results of your latest campaigns and see what shoppers are most interested in.