• Darcy Williamson

CX Is the New Battlefield

Marketers today are seeking to improve the customer experience on their mobile platforms. According to Gartner, 89% of companies now compete primarily on customer experience. Across all businesses, 72% say improving customer experience is their top priority (Forrester). What’s even more amazing is 80% of companies believe they deliver “super experiences,” but only 8% of their customers agree (Bain & Co.).

Because customers expect companies and technologies to give them a superior CX, the competitive landscape is only getting more challenging. So when mobile apps are giving customers good reasons to leave their platforms to solve their problems and complete purchases elsewhere, that’s not a great CX. Worse still is that companies are then required to invest more into another channel to run re-engagement campaigns to get that customer back in their app. Why are CX expectations increasing?

Mobile shifts point of engagement and drives expectations

Everything - marketing, shopping, sales engagement and service - is shifting to mobile. Consumers expect to control their own CX, solve their own problems and get follow-up within 5 minutes, or less, if they have an issue. The customer self-service software market is expected to grow 17% annually through at least 2021 (Markets and Markets) because of this.

The CX battle, higher customer expectations and smartphone evolution have put more pressure on certain verticals, or within segments, that are still adjusting to the rise of ecommerce. Verticals with historically low customer satisfaction, often the result of poor customer communications, face more demanding customers and are less prepared technologically to respond. Also, retailers see far lower conversion rates and higher cart abandonment on their mobile platforms, and they are still adapting to the shift of their customers’ behavior.

Service providers and retailers with complex CX, sometimes involving multiple decision-makers or the assistance of an expert or project lead, recognize that self-service collaboration tools that can improve service levels and increase share of wallet. But how to exceed CX expectations?

How to Exceed Customer Expectations

Start by keeping customers in your mobile app, which means enabling them to easily access all of their data, relationships and communications. At NaskMe, we help you do this by giving your customers an experience that incorporates collaboration into their journey. This will keep customers in your app, collaborating in context within your ecosystem. When customers visit your mobile app, find what they want and complete their purchase without first leaving or needing to contact the company through another channel, they are more likely to keep coming back.

When you immerse the right technology into brand and retailer mobile apps, it gives your business the greatest ability to support your customers’ searching and shopping experience. It also provides the simplest way for your customers to get stuff done and focus on what matters, minus the friction.

In other words, it creates a truly great shopping and service CX for your customers. And that’s something you and your customers will be able to agree on.