• Darcy Williamson

Why We Pivoted

Our company’s mission is to bring people together so they can get stuff done and focus on what matters. Since launching NaskMe, our team has been achieving this mission by building incredibly easy-to-use collaboration and list management tools with messaging, groups and integrations as part of the user experience.

We set out to serve businesses and consumers by connecting NaskMe users and groups with curated, how-to content from brands. As we studied app user behavior, we learned that meaningful collaboration is most often tied to more complex projects. In turn, these projects are centered around specific service providers and retailers, where a user or group of users collaborate together, and frequently with an expert consultant, to accomplish the task at hand.

We now immerse our technology into brand, service and retail mobile apps, having seen that consumers define their own cases and choose the business apps that help them fulfill on those use cases the best.

And we believe our technology, immersed into brand and retailer mobile apps, gives businesses the greatest ability to support their customer’s searching and shopping experience and provide the simplest way to get stuff done and focus on what matters.

Importantly, we’re solving a big problem that many brands and retailers encounter, which is their customers begin product or service searches in brand and retail mobile apps, only to realize they need others’ input or more content to complete their purchase or service experience.

At this point most customers LEAVE the company’s mobile app to message or email a significant other, go online to Google help or how-to content and end up delaying their project or finding other alternatives. Companies work extra hard just to get these customer BACK into their mobile app in order to complete their product purchase or service experience.

So it’s no wonder that cart abandonment rates are 70+%, with more complex purchasing and servicing decisions above 80%. And that’s where NaskMe comes in.

Our collaboration software keeps customers in your mobile platform, connecting them with your curated content, allowing them to message and make purchase decisions without leaving the app. NaskMe lets your customers use, create and share shopping and how-to lists, message in context, in-app, about your products and services and convert your curated lists into in-app purchases.

All this leads to greater sales, higher conversion rates and greater returns for companies on their marketing investments.

For NaskMe, our mission hasn’t changed, just that we accomplish it by integrating directly with brands and retailers - helping them accomplish their mission, too.